Who is this? #6

sdfsHello explorers!

One of the Petra's Planet pets is hiding from us again and I need your help to figure out who it is!

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Who is this? #5

sdsfHello explorers! 


We have once again someone from Petra's Planet hiding in this picture! Can you guess who it is this time?

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Who is this? #4

WITTime again for Who Is This?

This time we are giving out a reward of 1000 KIPPs! We will randomly choose one person from all the people that correctly guess who is hiding in this picture! Post your guesses to the comments! :)

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Welcome to Petra’s Planet - Fun and Safe Virtual World for Kids

With Petra's Planet our goal is to create a safe and enjoyable online virtual world where kids can learn and have fun. The real world is full of interesting and exciting people and places, animals and stories. With Petra's Planet online virtual world kids can learn about real world through exploratory play.